Parole Plans

Parole Plans

No matter the length of a sentence, a prisoner should develop a parole strategy immediately.

An important pathway to reintegrate capable prisoners back into society, parole is a privilege that is earned or lost by a prisoner’s conduct while serving time.

  • Prison programming
  • Creating a supportive team
  • Be proactive
  • Prepare for life after prison
  • Substance abuse and mental health plans

Today, a prisoner earns or loses parole based on a point system. Negative points are based on a prisoner’s sentence, prior criminal record, age, performance in prison programs and other factors. The point system takes effect as soon as the sentence begins.

Your parole strategy should include some combination or all of the elements below:

Low scores may influence whether a prisoner even gets to go in front of a parole board. Having a plan in place going into prison rather than the days before your Parole Board hearing can be the difference between getting out and staying in your cell.

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